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Sunday, September 25, 2005
4:59 pm

fun Friday, slack Saturday, sad Sunday.

Friday: Headed down to school to hand up my AS homework (semi-lateish) and then to the Olam CEO Talk (which I was also late for, naturally) in the evening. I'm starting to think I have major punctuality issues, which is a huge no-no and I really ought to have more self-discipline in following the clock.

The talk was relatively fascinating because the little glimpses into the speaker's mind that we could get really opened my eyes to what entrepreneurship and being business-savvy is about. Out of the reporter-habit that I've picked up from SPH and have yet to kick, I immediately whipped out a notepad and pen and started taking notes the moment I sat down, stunning everyone in the process, though when brooke looked over my shoulder he claims all he saw was my to-do list (buff nails, get highlights, repaint toenails, etc) - I SWEAR I really was taking notes on the oher page! :x

After that was the dinner catered for by edmund. Once we were done, a couple of us headed down to Chijmes for drinks (all on uncle michael - THANK YOU *muack*) where I proceeded to down a bottle of Heineken, a few sips of michelle's Pina Colada and crystal's Kir Royale, followed by the Bellini which brooke ordered for me (mm, I love champagne) and some of the vodka sprite the rest ordered when we were playing I have never...! Obviously, being the alcohol intolerant girl I am, I got really high and had this major headache bugging me for the rest of the night.

steve, me and xiayue at Liberte

before the drinking started...

with UNCLE MIKE :)


check out the bottles of beers lying about

random odd expressions

in clara's sunnies

toilet shots

and we dragged shan'er out of his house to come join us

A few rounds of playing I have never... later (with some horrifying secrets discovered!), shan'er finally joined us (after clara's and my incessant whining). By this time, most of the others had left already (boo, spoilsports!), leaving michael, clara, michelle, shan'er and I to go karaoke'ing! We headed over to Party World and literally went crazy - the three girls were in various stages of drunkenness with clara leading the pack, me being really quite high and michelle as the most sober.

Singing Hit Me Baby One More Time alone would have proven the loss of our sanity already, but the three of us not only belted it out at the top of our voices, but also proceeded to jump around and dance on the plush couches at the same time. Michael and shan'er had a great time being amused and recording our antics down in mike's phone...grr. How embarrassing - but hey, it was all in the name of good fun, right? :)

shan'er looking bored while the other two sing

we look vaguely not-sober here

Okay, the rest of the photos taken at Party World really look too crazy/drunk/deranged to upload for public viewing. Um.

Karaoke is really fun - I love singing! uncle mike sang such a diverse range of songs because he knows thai, hokkien, cantonese, mandarin and english! *impressed* People like me only know mandarin and english, and perhaps a smattering of some canto/hokkien...but then again, I was better off than the other three - they can barely read old chinese texts! ;)

Tzeyi joined us after he was done with his salsa-ing thing at Union Square (let's go there next Friday!!) and sang a couple of songs before the time was up. By then, I was already going hoarse with all that screaming and singing, and was positively dying due to an alcohol-induced headache.

Oh - alex and lanceypoos, both of you were GREATLY MISSED!


Saturday: A rather uneventful day. Slept the entire day away (waking up only at 6pm or so) because of the previous day's, um, exertion. I think alcohol is bad for the system - I take ages and ages to recover after drinking too much.

Woke up, changed, went out for dinner with the folks before heading down to Mustafa Centre for the first time! It's some 24-hours shopping mall that is AMAZING - it sells EVERYTHING. The whole place was really packed and crammed with people and displays and goods, but that aside, the variety is so wide I kept getting distracted by things apart from what I was looking for.

We purchased a doorbell (the old one died), an interphone for me to skype with, a bunch of batteries for the clocks at home and the doorbell, new cordless phones, a couple of pens (they sell them cheaper than at Popular there!), a stack of blank DVDs so I can burn movies, and daddy bought the Olympus mini which I've been eyeing for ages and ages! He bought the silver one for himself though, I wanted the pink. :(

That's really quite a lot, considering the fact that we originally went there only to buy a doorbell.


Sunday: Otherwise known as Today for the time being, once again, I had a lazy day at home (what's new). Will be going to the airport later to send my little jo off - I'm going to miss her. :(


This was almost the perfect weekend: with time to kick back your heels and relax, party the night away like a drunken maniac, then sleep all your worries and headaches away. The thought of an impending farewell does mar it somewhat, though.