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Thursday, December 22, 2005
4:04 pm

Feeling eyebagsful.

I'm all cranky and groggy now even though it's already 4pm because I simply do not possess enough stamina to last through all the activities in the past few days. For some strange reason or another, my week has been packed to the brim, and I hardly have any time to breathe or relax - so here I am, feeling very much drained and sleep-deprived. I suppose I really shouldn't be complaining though, considering how much fun everything has been...

There was dinner with zhuanghui on Monday night. Catching up with him was nice, since I haven't seen him for almost three months. We'd put off meeting for more than a week since he'd come back because the poor boy was jetlagged, busy, had to fly off to Korea, then came back and promptly fell sick - how unfortunate. :P That was followed by supper at River Valley with tzeyi, lance and shan'er - so much for your plans to lose some of the fat around your expanding waistlines, boys! We really are turning into major supper buddies. Oh - miche, weim and crys - you three were missed at the table!

On Tuesday, my much-anticipated-for pair of dance heels finally arrived. They're as pretty as I'd envisioned them to be, and switching from normal heels to dance heels feels like a dream. My feet feel much more secure, and I can actually vaguely feel the floor through the base now so I feel much more stable as well. Danced the whole night away at Union after a full day's worth of Christmas shopping - everybody balked when they saw the number and sizes of the bags that my poor packmules (lance and shan'er) were carrying for me! The two of them also decided to pay USQ a visit to watch (and laugh at) crystal and I in our salsa and spinning attempts. Well, it wasn't too bad - salsa really is becoming quite satisfying and addictive, especially since I can actually feel myself improving as the weeks and visits to USQ go by. :)

Then, I woke up on Wednesday with tired feet from dancing around in new 3-inch heels the previous night - you can call it new shoe syndrome. Bounced out of bed when the cousins sprang a surprise visit on us in the afternoon, then we went to pay our very-much-neglected swimming pool a visit. I swam 10 laps in all (counting in terms of an Olympic-sized pool, of course) - 500m, to be exact. Not an impressive distance, but enough to satisfy me as this is the first time I've swam or exercised in more than half a year. Too bad there wasn't much of a sun though, I could have done with a brief tanning session, since everyone has been telling me recently that if I grew any fairer I'd start to glow in the dark. How worrying. :x

After swimming, a couple of us headed down to Ministry of Sound to look-see and check it out. The club was insanely crowded - when we got there the queue so obscenely long, my enthusiasm immediately dipped a few notches at the prospect of having to stand in line for ages and ages. We held out and eventually made it in, and while it didn't exactly live up to expectation, it wasn't a wasted night for me. It's quite a place, really - I loved the different-music-in-different-rooms concept, and the decor was quite pleasing to the eye. The atmosphere was pretty good, despite the disgustingly small and crowded dancefloor in the RnB room, though the drinks were quite watered down in my opinion - not a bad thing, since I'm technically supposed to be quitting drinking (ahem).

Speaking of drinking, serene, sheryl and petrina had quite a lot of fun in their respective states of drunkedness/high-ness last night. No, blaming zhuanghui for his drinking competition idea is not going to work here, and no, I was not even half as high as them - in fact, I was absolutely sober at the end of the night! Thanks to tzeyi/chiew/jared/lance/shan for trying to keep me out of slimey hands and trouble when the alcohol briefly addled my brains! Generally, last night was fun because of the company - there were a million people around, so there was a lot of walking around, waving and saying hi to random people too.

Yeah, so I had to drag myself out of bed today with superbly achey calves from two consecutive days of exercise and dancing. I simply couldn't persuade my poor, battered body out of bed in the early afternoon so I ended up giving evita's birthday lunch a miss. Sorry, I promise I'll make up for it! :(

Watching The Chronicles of Narnia later at Lido - charity premiere tickets, thanks to serene chew. I hope it'll be good, the trailer looks quite promising!


Yes, I know, I am getting awfully long-winded in my entries - but I've been so happy recently that I can't resist spreading the joy! It *is* the Christmas season now afterall, so smile, enjoy and be good, everyone!