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Monday, December 19, 2005
3:05 pm

Vroom, vroom.

The trip down to the Sepang F1 racetrack yesterday was extremely exciting, to say the least. In fact, exciting probably doesn't even start to describe it! The day's events left me so terribly exhausted (no pun intended!) though.

Well, the drive down towards Sepang went relatively smoothly and enjoyably, despite the waking up at 620am part (what an insane hour, right?!). The convoy consisted of 5 cars, 4 mitsubishi lancer evolutions - one white, one blue, one red and tzeyi's red & white, and tzeming's blue honda integra - what a sight we must've been! It was fun though, cruising down the highway at 160km/h. ;)

7 evos all lined up in a row at a R&R stop

I saw so many pretty/cool/sexy cars yesterday that my eyes felt like popping out of their sockets. To think that I used to consider tzeyi's car loud, flashy and noisy - after encountering all those modified cars on the track, I've come to the conclusion that his car is really quite a modest car afterall! It suddenly pales in comparison, flashiness-wise, and the engine has started to sound more like a purr rather than the loud growl that I've always thought it to be.

posing with a really pretty Elise!

a cool and very flashy S15

And of course, there was the racing. For the first time in my nineteen years of existence, I got to sit in a racecar around the track! The Sepang track was so huge and so wide that even at the crazy speed of 220km/h, I was under the illusion that we actually weren't travelling at such high speeds because everything seemed to pass by so slowly. It was only when we took the corners that I could feel the extent of the speed due to the tremendous G-force that threatened to tumble me around the car if I wasn't securely seated and strapped in. The feeling was...quite undescribable. And very, very incredible. The downside to it is that the aircon couldn't be turned on while racing as it saps up the car's power, so I was basically suffocating and melting in the car. There was also the Very Heavy Helmet, which felt like it weighed a ton on my head - I was having difficulty keeping my head up at some points, especially when the helmet just threatened to topple me over at each turn we took.

As if as the racing experience wasn't enough - I was also the lucky girl selected to wave the black and white checked flag to signal the end of the races! (Everybody gave the credit to the very vertically-challenged skirt that I chose to wear that day. Well, tzeyi *did* say to wear something cool and comfortable, soooo....) It was an amusingly bimbotic (though admittedly fun) job, and it earned me a seat in the control room where I had prime view of the entire race through the cameras installed all about the track. All I needed to do was sit there, look pretty and watch the race on the tv until the last lap of the race - all in the comfort of the sheltered control room. :) The second race was really exciting too - there were points where I was actually clutching on to the flag while jumping up and down and screaming because of the cars overtaking each other! I bet the organizing committee people think I'm an utter bimbo after that.

my view from the control room - before the race started

Ah, and I got to ride on a motorbike for the first time ever yesterday too. :D A little scary, but quite fun I guess.

I've repeated the word "fun" so many times in this entry, I'm starting to get sick of it already. Oh well, blame my rusty brain and limited vocabulary, if you will.

Moving on to the less "fun" parts of the trip...tzeyi and I got involved in a mild accident on the trip back to Singapore. Mind you - this is the first time I've ever been involved in any vehicular accident, so I found it rather traumatic and definitely unforgettable! The hinge holding the bonnet down to the car had begun to rust without anybody noticing, so the bonnet was slightly misaligned even while on the track. Due to the high speed we were travelling back at on the highway, the wind managed to get to under the car bonnet, forcing it open. The wind resistance was so strong that the bonnet split and broke, so that it was blown up and slammed against the windshield. Everything happened so fast - there was this loud BANG, the bonnet suddenly obstructed our front view, the windshield cracked, and we were showered with glass bits - all within the span of a few seconds.

To my credit, I only screamed once. And it was a soft scream.

To tzeyi's credit, he remained utterly cool, calm and composed, and immediately slowed down and drove to the road shoulder to remedy the situation.

In the end, they decided to remove the bonnet entirely and tape the windshield up with clear tape, then we proceeded to cruise back to Singapore at a snail's pace of 90km/h, slowing everybody else down in the process. The trip back was painfully long and draining - and to add to the pain, we got trapped in a 2 hour traffic jam at the second link! By the time we finally cleared the Singapore customs, tzeyi's foot was so stiff and I started to ache all over from being cramped up in the car for too long.

Well, the car is now slightly wrecked and will remain indisposed for the next few days at the workshop, but at least we made it back in one piece! Thank goodness we're all safe and sound - things could've been much, much worse.