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Sunday, September 03, 2006
11:48 pm


Great, the past week has just been absolutely trying for me - feeling rather exhausted now, and with good reason, if you ask me!

Now that it's the end of the week, let me total up all the mishaps my poor body has had to go through in the course of the week:

1. I walked into a wall at home earlier this week. As ridiculous as this sounds - I'm the sort who takes corners very tightly and quickly at home since I'm so familiar with everything (or so I thought), but it happened when I had a bottle of water to my lips, and me being me, the only thing that matters is me of course! I forgot to take into consideration the extra protruding length thanks to the bottle of water, and promptly smashed it into the wall while turning into the dining room. In turn, the bottle smashed into my mouth too and not only did I splash water all over my front and onto the floor, I got myself an ulcer at the left side of my mouth too. :(

2. After wearing contact lenses for a total of 6 years (and still counting), you would think that I'm officially past the state of putting the wrong side of the lens into the wrong case - something, I must add, I'd never done before, up to now. Somehow or another, in one of my exceedingly-tired-and-bleary-eyed-nights states, I popped the left lens into the side of the case marked "R" for right, and did likewise for the other side. I didn't even notice this till the next day when I tried to put my lenses on, and was wondering why my vision was so terrible - it does make a hell lot of a difference, you know, since there is a 300++ degree difference between both my eyes. The worst part is, it only registered half a minute after I'd popped both lenses on! Bah.

3. The second toe on my right foot is currently quite a pitiable sight, with a small piece of flesh just right beneath the toenail mercilessly gorged out by - guess who - nobody but my darling self. On the way up the bus to lunch on Friday, I suddenly morphed into a classic klutz and tripped over my own feet (no, I have no clue how this happened!). In a frantic attempt to steady myself and regain my balance, my left foot landed on...why, my right foot, of course. The left heel dug into my poor toe, bruising it and digging a fair amount of flesh out. And so I bled my way to lunch. Told you I'm not made for public transportation...

4. Gokarting in Malaysia on Saturday proved what I already knew all along: that I cannot drive to save my life. Thewhole racing-noisy-speeding atmosphere there went to my head immediately, pushing all rational thought and fears the moment I got behind the wheel of the gokart. Of course I had to floor the gas pedal all the way - especially on the straight track. And of course I ignored the fact that there's a corner looming up ahead of me, my foot was feeling too pedal-happy to register this important piece of information. Naturally...I forgot to slow down before taking the turn, and the next thing you know, CRASH! Well, I was literally bruised and battered from the impact of that crash - good thing the walls were made of tires! I also got the strangest and most unrelated injury one could ever think of getting from a gokart crash - a twisted ankle. Ahem. Apparently while I crashed, my right foot was still firmly pressing down on the accelerator, and so the impact of the crash caused it to slip and twist to the side. Looks like I'm going to be taking a compulsory break from dancing for the next week or two.

Ooh, and if you really want to know how hard a crash it was - the visor on my helmet (okay, well, it was actually Tzeyi's helmet) flew off!! One of the staff nicely retrieved it for us after our round was over, and everybody was giving me incredulous looks at how i) badly I drive, ii) I managed to twist an ankle in a crash, iii) I managed to lose the visor whie driving.

You know, I think something about school doesn't agree with me. The first week (or rather, first day) of school saw me through a red and swollen left eye, and the second week, this.

Hmm, I have developed an allergy to school!