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Saturday, December 09, 2006
5:01 am

on working and boozing.

Wow, the first week of holidays has passed and it's been a hell of a ride! (In more than one sense of the word, come to think of it.)

It is ironic how so many people keep scolding me for being such a spendthrift, and how so many of them also are under the impression that all I do is shop and party all day and all night long without doing anything remotely productive with my life. Everyone thinks I'm some spoilt brat kid who doesn't appreciate the value of money and only knows how to spend and spend and spend get my drift. True enough, I do admit that I am quite the spendthrift, and that I don't earn enough to keep up with my spending - but hey, give me some credit, at least I DO try.

Anyway, some pictures from work on Wednesday, at the True Friendship Music Concert sponsored by ABC. Some Chinese singers - Mayday (Wu Yue Tian), Pin Guan (one half of Wu Yin Liang Pin) and Chen Shen (the one night in Beijing guy!!!) came down to perform at the Kallang indoor stadium. I may not be a fan of Chinese music and stuff but they did do a pretty good job, especially Mayday! They sounded pretty damn good playing and singing live.

I liked the ABC pseudo airstewardess attire quite a lot, actually! It made us all look very...spiffy. And smart. We were basically just at the VIP lounge semi-serving glasses of ABC stout to the guests and semi-watching the concert.

Upon leaving Kallang once work was over and done with, went to meet some of the boys in town - and we proceeded to watch the most retarded movie I have ever seen in my life so far. TENACIOUS D. AND THE PICK OF DESTINY. All five of them thought it was awesome, and to quote Mark, "the best movie of 2006!" but I was all like ohmygawdrollseyes you just wasted two hours of my life with this movie! after that. Ugh. Boys. Ran over to Serangoon (!!!) for supper because of dear Kairen, and got home so freaking late I was totally bushed after that.

p/s: Sorry that I couldn't make it for dinner though, Chiew! Clashed with work, which I couldn't cancel on last minute - and after that I really couldn't bring myself to stay on my feet any longer, hence the decision to go watch a movie (albeit really retarded) instead of Zouking. Oh well, there'll be other times. Meanwhile, have loads of fun in Hong Kong and Malaysia!


Thursday came, and it was Queen of Queens at MoS! The inter-tertiary institution pageant was so-so only. Out of the 12 contestants, I thought only 2 were of standard. One of them (some girl from NTU) won the Sally Hansen's sexiest/most gorgeous legs award, which was a trip to New York! AAAAAAAAHHHH. I think if I were one of the contestants, I'd rather have won that than the Queen of Queens title. The other girl that I liked was Jamie Tan from NUS, who won 2 subsidiary awards and overall first runner-up. How sad, I thought she deserved to come in first. The winner was some random SIM girl that I didn't notice at all until she was crowned. She was attractive, sure, but not particularly wow, which was disappointing.

If you're wondering what I was doing at MoS on Thursday, no, it wasn't to watch the event. Well, not entirely, at least. I was at the Guinness booth. Spent half the night carrying trays of free Guinness draught samples around, and trying to squeeze in and out of the impossibly crowded main arena during the event. Met a hell lot of people there at the event though - a number of SMU people, a handful of NUS ones, and even some of my sister's friends from SIM who, by some miracle, managed to recognize me in the dark.

After the event ended, headed for dinner with some of the other girls. Then, Euren came to join us and he gave me a lift home on his bike. I finally worked up enough guts to get onto the bike properly for the first time and it was really quite an experience! Very different feeling from being in a car - very exhilarating and there is this immense sense of freedom when the wind streaks through your hair as the bike picks up speed. Mm. I could get used to this.


Friday...the first time I've stepped out to dance in two whole weeks. I think I'm getting rusty. Practice at studio, followed by dancing, dancing, and more dancing at Union Square. My feet hurt and are about to die on me. Standing around in 3.5inch heels for work is seriously no joke, especially when followed by many hours of dancing in 3inchers. And tomorrow (or rather, later today) there's still Afro class and Gupson's party, which means even more dancing to come.

Don't die on me yet, my poor feeties. :(

Rens flew off to New York today. While we aren't exactly very close, I've gotten so used to seeing him so often in the past month, I think it'll feel a little weird not seeing him at all until 2007 arrives. Still, he gets to go shop his brains out in NY - that lucky dude!