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Friday, August 17, 2007
6:20 pm

msf 2007.

Malaysian Salsa Festival 2007: all in all, certainly not as fun or as much of an eye-opener as last year's (being our first congress and all). The place was nice enough, and the pool was really quite, quite beautiful, though I didn't spend as much time in it as the rest did, but the number of insects there was just absolutely shocking. Especially the flies. I swear I've never ever seen so many houseflies (resortflies?) in any one place at one time...even though Malaysia is generally a rather fly-bountiful country, the resort we were at (Damai Laut Swiss Resort or something along those lines) takes the cake. The resort was infested with so many flies, meal-time was such a nightmare. You can't leave your food without your neighbor helping you look after it (swat flies for you), if not you can really just forget trying to eat. Even the resort rooms had flies zooming around and bugging you when you're trying to sleep!

The food there was also quite bad, if you ask me. And the MSF '07 logo looks really bad, as do its tshirt designs. Sigh.

Oh, and I'd forgotten to mention the 12 hour coach ride to Perak that almost drove me insane, rendered my butt even flatter than before with all the sitting on your ass on the uncomfortable coach seat, and drained almost all our time and energy for the first day. At least upon arrival, we were garlanded again (like last year!) with pretty flowers, which did help to marginally cheer me up.

I look absurdly happy for somebody who'd just took a 12-hour coachride, don't I? Told you the garland helped. :)

Complaints aside, the lineup of instructors and performances this year was certainly a great lot better than 2006's! Santo Rico came back again - the full team this time, Leon Rose & Susana Montero put up the most amazing performances on the gala night, Modus Vivendi (with Lidia & Nestor at its helm) performed on both nights, Gavin & Sally also put up an awesome performance, Two Left Feet outdid itself with its flirty and oh-so-synchronized performance this year...and there was Magna.

Magna is seriously one of the best and the most breathtaking dancers I've seen to date - her musicality is fantastic, and the way she uses her body to interpret the various beats and instruments that enter and leave each salsa song is highly impressive. Also, her follow is impeccable, her spins all tight and numerous, her footwork is so clean and she's just so light-footed and graceful, she practically glides over the dancefloor while somehow managing to hit all the right accents of the music with the right amount of energy. It's a pleasure to watch her dance anytime, and she really dances very, very beautifully.

Yes, I'm a Magna fan girl. And I sure as hell am not the only one.

I want to dance like her!! :(

I didn't do very much dancing in the first two nights - too tired from the travelling, certain unpleasant incidents popped up to ruin everybody's moods, basically feeling very off-form, so I ended up stalking some of the better dancers (like Magna) throughout to watch them dance with various people instead.

However, the last night was full of fun and adrenaline, partly because it was the night of our performance, I believe. It went pretty well I think, except for some minor glitches - one at the start when the lighting screwed up during the ladies' shines, and another at the end when Miche's hairpin got caught in Jared's sleeve button, so she lost her balance and almost fell during the dip at the very last part! But Jared made a good save, phew. Everyone else was quite clean and synchronized and all, so yay for all!

While preparing for the performance, everybody decided that Jared ought to get his armpit hair fixed because it was too bushy and thick and showed through the guys' costumes! Zee tried trimming the horrid bush for him at first, until Gupson produced a shaver and made Jared shave. It was a hilarious sight - I even took a video of Jared hard at work. Now he's got clean, hair-free armpits!

Some pre-performance photowhoring took place as usual, since everybody was all dressed up and prepped in full costume. Stage makeup makes us look reaaaaalllyyy scary, I know.

Then there was the POST-performance photowhoring, coupled with random photos, like Kelly perving at some of the other girls' butts, and with a few of the friends here and there as well as the international dancers. Like Magna (once again, imagine me gushing about/swooning over her at this point).

So, MSF '07 comes to a close, and I leave you with a picture of us, the ADS salsa angels - clad in black on the last night once again. :)