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Sunday, September 09, 2007
9:23 am

bangkok wonders.

A really late post about my trip to Bangkok with Michelle, Mark and Lance in the last week of the summer holidays:

It was a fantastic trip, perfect for unwinding after three long months of internship followed by the MSF '07 at Perak, which I didn't really get to relax at because of all the dancing I did there. Bangkok was tiring in the sense that we had to walk a lot (shopping, that is) so by the time we hit the hotel every night, I was absolutely knackered and all I wanted to do was to shower and fall into bed - and that I really did each night after a long, fruitful day of pure retail madness.

Let's start from day 1, when I took my fluffycloudsky picture from the plane window (rather successfully, I might add) and all of us had happy photowhoring fun with the resident pet stuffed toy for the trip, Harachi the blue, duo-personality'ed octopus. Also, I saw my first pink taxi at the airport, which made me squeal loudly in delight - Bangkok is full of happy-looking, colorful taxis!

By the time we reached our hotel (Arnoma Hotel), it was pretty late into the evening due to the famous Bangkok traffic. We were also obviously pretty wiped out from all the travelling, especially Michelle and I since we both had been travelling nonstop, what with the 12-hour coach rides to and fro Perak, followed by the plane ride and the subsequent long taxi ride! After some unpacking and a brief nap, we ventured out to the area outside our hotel for dinner...before heading to Patphong to visit the night market. The stuff sold there were pretty nice though a tad overpriced in retrospect, but what really caught our eye that night were the numerous sleazy pubs offering "Thai Girl Shows" - of which one of them was hilariously named Super Pussy, which really explains what the shows are all about in a rather solid nutshell. We decided not to go watch the shows then, but now I wish we did! It'll have been interesting to see the Thai girls shoot pingpong balls and open coke bottles with their nether regions, as well as other super abilities. *cough*

Seriously, Bangkok is full of the weirdest signs.

Day 2, we discovered (much to our pleasure) that there was a whole string of daytime street food stalls outside our hotel, so we basically had a whole variety of street food for lunch - baby omelettes (quails' eggs), giant sausages, local-style fried kuay teow, super sweet Thai milk tea, etc. We then attempted to go through part of Pratunam Wholesale Centre (for the aircon more than anything else), where Lance proceeded to buy up more candles and incense sticks than he'll ever finish using, before heading to Platinum Mall for some shopping goodness. Wow, Platinum Mall was HUGE I tell you - Miche and I managed to comb only like, one and a half levels or something in the few hours we spent there, and there were seven levels in the whole place so we just gave up after awhile when our legs started protesting.

Day 3 was spent mostly at Pratunam Market with Miche. We'd given up shopping with the boys in the previous day since we quite obviously were looking for different things, so we decided to split - the boys went to the tailor's to get their suits and shirts done, and to the HUGEASS shopping complex next to our hotel, while Miche and I were relentlessly trying to make the most out of our last shopping day at Bangkok at Pratunam. Everything was insanely cheap there, especially when you buy 3 or more pieces because they'll give you the wholesale price then. It was the same for Platinum, but somehow the things at Pratunam seemed cheaper!

Post-shopping, we visited the Bed Supper Club since we've all heard so much about it. The place was really quite nice though entrance was a tad expensive - but the beds were superbly clean and comfortable, the lights were pretty, the drinks and ambience good. Ironically, we went there on a Wednesday night, which turned out to be their salsa night! There was a live band playing salsa music (better than the USQ's band, ahem) and Miche and I were soooooooo tempted to go dance when we watched the rest of the crowd at it on the dancefloor downstairs.

Before we knew it, it was day 4 and time to go home! Packing up was a serious bitch - I went to Bangkok with only 1/3 a huge Samsonite suitcase filled, but came back with it absolutely stuffed, AND also with extra bags to be hand-carried. I shan't elaborate on how much exactly I bought there because the thought of it makes me feel somewhere in between a little ill and extremely happy, I haven't quite decided which it really is, but I suppose it doesn't matter at this point of time, does it?

For entertainment's sake, here is my pseudo-flasher picture, taken at the airport by Miche while I was running around in Mark's jacket because of the cold. I can't decide if that makes my shorts really short or if his jacket is just too big for me! The lighting is nice though unintentional because her camera ended up spoilt and only able to take pictures with this effect. :x

We really had loads of fun! I can't wait for the next break when I can run off to another country with friends again. :)

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