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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
f1 fever 3:11 pm

Okay, I know everybody is just awaiting with bated breath for the F1 updates, we go!

Let's start with the Red Bull F1 Pre-Race Party at Cafe Del Mar in Sentosa on Thursday. Casse, Winnie, Adeline, Huirong, Xiaowei and I were the receptionists for the party. They seriously went to great lengths to make the party happening and exclusive - even the invites were so awesome! Each invite came with a metal dog tag, with a special barcode attached to it - so all we needed to do was scan the barcode and the person's name would appear on the screen! Cool huh. I was eventually relegated to the VIP/guest list side though so I didn't get to use the scanner for long - instead, I had to wade through the extremely disorganized guest list (argh!).

I was too lazy to whip my camera out and take pictures so stole these from Casse instead. The poor girl had to leave halfway through the night because she was really sick - in fact, I think she's still ill now! Oh well.

The up side of the night was that I saw quite a number of famous faces - Melody Chen, Randall Tan, Mark Zee (an arrogant ass really) Andrea Fonseka (really nice and friendly but decidedly less hot in person than in photos) to name a few, and also the Red Bull F1 Drivers Mark Webber and David Coulthard. Yaaaaaay. Should've taken photos with them really but oh well, too late to regret that now!

On Saturday, I was one of the Fiat girls (together with my sister, Madeleine, Winnie, Valerie and Annabelle) for the Limited F1 Edition F500 signing by the Ferrari drivers at Raffles Hotel. Which means...I got to meet Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa in person! HAHA. Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

He's really, really unfriendly though.

And sadly, we only got to meet each of them fleetingly - for all of like 5 seconds maybe. I didn't even get to take a picture with either of them either because my camera was quite obviously not with me then!

My job basically as to sit in the driver's seat of the F500, with the passenger's seat door left ajar, so that the both of them could come in to sign the car's dashboard. There was some massive crowd waiting all around - spectators and the media, all hoping to catch a glimpse or some good footage of Kimi or Massa.

After that, it was just going into the cocktail reception area to eat/drink/make merry/talk to people and we were done. Simple job.

I think at the end of the day, I was more confused than dazzled by the whole experience because of the infinite camera flashes and video cameras going LOOK HERE SMILE ETC and people all swooning over the drivers, but it was an easy job and good money, so...! That being said, this job was giving me so many problems because I was told to coordinate the girls, and seriously, I think it taught me a huge lesson in not trusting others so easily. Especially when it comes to dodgy characters *cough* who I will not name publicly.

But yeah, girls who know who I'm talking about - think twice before accepting jobs from him, mmkay? The money may be good and tempting but really, just think and twice and be careful that you don't end up being taken for a ride like yours truly.

Moving along to more happier topics...Sunday I was working at some private party at DXO - Party at Seven! It was another super slack super fun job that pays pretty okay. I totally need more of these kind of jobs coming my way.

We met at Clarke Quay first so that we could take the ferry across to DXO because the roads were all blocked for the race. What a touristy experience! Lots of picture-taking with the super skyline at Suntec approaching, the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and of course, the Merlion.

Some of the girls were so happy and excited, it was so amusing to watch them photowhoring with various scenery bits and waving to the random strangers watching us cruise by!

Then finally, after a long cruise + walk, we reached DXO for the party. I was playing semi-doorbitch for the first 2 hours of work or so (with my sister tagging the guests' wrists, and Valerie and Jolene serving the welcome drink - shots of Absolute Peppar, which smelled really disgusting) - after that, our jobs were just to party and eat and drink and smoke (if you smoke) and basically make merry with the guests.

Check out the full PVC outfits that we were decked in! It was soooooo hot in there and my skin really couldn't breathe in it. :(

Random people I met there - Jackson (of JJSalsaRengue), Sunny (of Union Square) and...Christopher Lee! :P Everybody wanted to take pictures with him, haha. He's really a lot better looking irl compared to photos and on television, though.

We got to watch the race too! I watched half of it live and the other half of it on TV once the adrenaline of watching the cars zoom by wore off, since you really only catch a glimpse of the car when it passes the stretch you're watching. I was trying desperately to catch a photo of the cars but they were going too fast so all I got were blurry this!

After work, we were supposed to make our ways back to the ferry jetty by ourselves - but Daphne, Valerie and I got lost and distracted a long the way because we kept seeing things that we wanted to play with or take photos of/with while walking on the track!

There was the whole "YAYE F1 ROCKS" bit...

The "boo I'm trapped behind bars" jailbird face(s)...

The "oh great let's look nice for the camera and stop fooling around" photo...

Stealing someone's Ferrari flag to photowhore with...

Coming across a F1 BMW car to pose with...

Walking along with Johnnie (who should be very pleased now that the team he's sponsoring is in the lead after the Singapore round!)...

Oh lookies, it's a green light!

Well, well. The inaugural Formula One night race held in Singapore this year is a success, I would think. There were times when I thought that we were never going to be prepared in time for the race (even just DAYS before the event the lights and track weren't ready!) but hey, we made it, things went smoothly and so I guess Singapore can collectively sigh a huge sigh of relief.

The only thing is that Ferrari fared so badly here. Sigh.

Still, I remain a Ferrari supporter! GO GO GO KIMI AND MASSA.

Now that the excitement and hype is all over, I will leave you we all await the next F1 race, where things will be bigger and better. :)

P/S: Those are just a few of the MANY photos we took - you can view somemore here if you want to. Enjoy!