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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
a costumed weekend 3:01 am

Oh boy, I do seem to be perpetually in costumes for the last few days running! Been working loads since the boyfriend flew off on Friday and half the friends are away on holiday or just plain busy with their lives - leaving me with more free time than usual, especially since there's no school at the moment. Makes sense for me to up the working factor a little and just earn that much more money for the next term right? :)

Thursday - some mingling event at Franklin Offshore's D&D. Twenty of us sailor girls were hired to run around, eat, drink and party with the guests. The costumes were super cute I tell you!

I also made two new fun friends at work: Lynn (who happens to be from SMU too, year 2, but we've never seen each other in our lives somehow) and Tourmaline. I swear it's been ages since I've found people at work that I can click with and talk to so easily. The best part is - we found out that we were going to be working together quite a bit for the next few days, which means good company is guaranteed.

Friday - Jack Daniel's event at Cafe del Mar, where my job was to...mind the Nintendo Wii where they had a Guitar Hero World Tour station set up! Super fun huh. ;) I even got to play with the customers who (foolishly) decided to challenge me. HAHA. Okay I really should not brag about my GH skills since I actually rank as one of the worst players in Rock Band guitar/bass when I'm at Mark's with the rest, but seriously, compared to the rest of the normal world...!!!

Then there was Saturday - the Harry's bus party tour where six of us girls had to dress up as Santarinas to take pictures with the guests and all. They rented a topless Hippo bus to take the guests (and us) from one Harry's bar to another around town, from Marina Bay to Dempsey to Chijmes and so on to end at the Esplanade branch. There were two buses so we were split three Santarinas per bus, so Lynn, June and I were grouped together the whole night.

Everyone was super high and all especially on the bus, waving to random strangers, screaming like mad and throwing water all around. Santa even made an appearance halfway through the night!

So yes well, three days straight of partying and boozing led to a partial voice loss on Sunday when I woke up. :(

But no, Sunday was not exactly a break, because there was still En Motion's Shanghai Rouge event to attend at night. Compulsory event to attend because the sister was performing! Yay! Her first big performance for the salsa scene. Rushed out in the evening to find a cheongsam for the event so that I would be at least vaguely dressed in theme...which was post WWII Old Shanghai (I think) when the people were making a slow transition in culture, from east to west.

I was very pleased with the cheongsam I bought - but look, isn't her performance outfit cute? She was dressed as one of the more Westernized ladies of that era - with their frilly tops and high-waisted skirts, lady-like brollies and immaculate coiffures, being all dainty and elegant.

Cheryl was also performing (for the first time too, I believe) for En Motion's student performance team!

The whole place was really like, whoa, cheongsam overdose all around! A surprising number of people were sporting enough to dress up more-or-less in theme so we had many cheongsam-clad ladies, some gentlemen in Western clothing, rickshaw pullers/trishaw riders, and even a Japanese soldier. It was fun!

The sister then changed to her cheongsam after she eventually got bored of dancing around in her performance costume...we're so gonna wear these for Chinese New Year in 2009! Might as well, right? :P

Now that the whole flurry of activity is over, today was a good rest day for me. I'm actually utterly sick of putting on makeup because I've had to do it for the past four days running, and oh trust me, as vain as I may seem, it's not something that I particularly am used to OR enjoy. The skin on my face feels like it's going to suffocate to death, and I feel so restricted half the time because I can't just carelessly rub my eyes anytime I feel like it. Hmmph.

Ah well, I suppose that's the price to pay if you want to look good (or at least, better than usual). Now off to bed I go because a shoot awaits tomorrow!

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